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Free shipping

Delivery is FREE and  guaranteed! North America, UK and australian buyers, If your shipment is lost or seized we will reship once at our expense. Please allow up to 2 months for shipping company to verify the status of the package. Buyer from other countires, please be advised that we do not guarantee custom clearance. If package was seized/destroyed by your local custom, we will refund 60% of the package value, and that's all we can do. We will not do reshipment.

Your purchases will be sent directly by courier from China to your door. You will receive an email with your order confirmation number and your shipping tracking number.

With this tracking number you can track the progress of your purchase.

Please allow 7-16 days for your order to arrive.

Please make sure you enter the correct shipping address and contact phone number. We are not responsible for reshipment if you provided us with an incorrect address.

We are NOT responsible for any import tax charged on your package (It does not happen very often. And when it happens, it is usually not more than 10% of your order's final value.)

You can track your shipments by clicking on these links below :

or on your national postal service website. Here are some common sites below.



What is the cost of shipping?

We'll FREE Shipping to worldwide for all orders.

What about import taxes?

In order to prevent our clients having to pay import taxes, we ship our parcels as ‘low value’, meaning we rate each package as being worth less than $30. Worldwide, the majority of countries do not charge any import taxes on items of a value under fifty dollars, meaning that nearly all of our clients are not charged any duties. In the event that taxes are applied, the customer is responsible for the charges, however this is extraordinarily rare.

How long does shipping take?

Generally our items arrive within 7 to 16 days of purchase for any destination worldwide. When you buy an item, we will then contact you within 48 hours of your order to provide you with a tracking number. This is why it is so important to give accurate contact information, especially telephone numbers and email addresses. If you are not at home when the item is delivered, the courier will leave a notice and you can then go and pick up your package at the nearest post office.

We guarantee our shipping, which means that we promise that the item you have ordered will arrive undamaged, in a timely manner, at your doorstep. If for any reason your product does not arrive, please contact our staff and we will investigate the matter for you, and then we will re-send the item at no cost to you.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping is essentially a program where we become the supplier, and you are able to offer our products on your marketplace. We sell our pieces to you at a wholesale rate, and yet you don’t have to buy an entire lot of stock.

When a customer makes a purchase from your site, we get the order, and then send the item to your client in a plain package, free of company labels. At no point will your customers be made aware that they are purchasing from a third party supplier.

We become the manufacturer and distributor, while your customers purchase directly from you.

My tracking number doesn’t work!

How long has it been since we confirmed your purchase? We ship our products in China, which means that there will always be a delay of about 2 days before you are able to track your purchase. This is due to the amount of time it takes the Chinese courier service to transfer the package to that of your home country.

How does my tracking number work?

After you make a purchase, we will provide you with a tracking number. For that reason, it’s important that you fill in your current email address and phone number. A customer service agent will contact you within 48 hours of your purchase, and give you this number.
You can then input it into the website for your primary local courier service, and you will be able to watch the progress of your package as it travels from us, to your doorstep.
Keep in mind that the email we send you will not only contain your tracking number, but also these instructions in greater detail. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.